Lev Matvej Loewenthal is the nom de plume of a Swiss by passport polyglot novelist, essayist and poet born in Rome and grown up in Zurich, who usually writes political and satirical fiction under English, French and Italian names. 

Rethinking identities in contemporary world, the Author declares him/herself a transnational writerBeing employed at a Swiss public cultural institution and publishing books under his/her real name, the Writer has chosen a pseudonym to keep his/her two activities separate.

The Writing Demon haunts him/her from an early age : (s)he has been publishing stories that have a historical background and instances of the fantastic : a combination that has become his/her signature, the hallmark of Lev's work and the formula for his/her own magical realism.

In his/her deeply philosophical, provocative and compelling works, the Author, though atheist, often deals with the interplay of Good and Evil, innocence and guilt, and reinterprets the vulgata of  the three three main Abrahamic religions in the light of current political events. 

In 2017, with the publication in Italy of the novel La Dodicesima Nota (finalist in the Carver literary prize), of an anthology of poems in French called Sefer Sephorafollowed by The Falsifier of Words (a satirical and eccentric collection of short stories, written in an English idiosyncratic language, consisting in multilingual puns and portmanteau words), the Author forged "Lev Matvej Loewenthal" (whose name is played on that of the Bulgakovian evangelist), for whom (s)he conceived a highly distinctive technique and poetic idiom. 

These days of June 2018 a new book has come out, L'Altro Stato, Castevecchi editore, Rome (Booktrailer). 

His/her fictional works have been translated into Dutch, Japanese and Turkish (La Dodicesima Nota, translated from Betül Parlak, published by Aleph Yayinevi, Istanbul, won a prestigious Looren Translation Grant 2018). In June 2018 the Author collaborated with the Israeli photographer Dana Arieli, writing a short oneiric story to one of her photos as part of her project, entitled “Phantoms: Journeys following the relics of Dictatorships”.

In 2019 (s)he began an artistic collaboration with the Israeli musicians Moran Mogal and Kobi  Farhi (Orphaned Land) for the production of an album based on the lyrics published in Eudemonia, that will be released on next International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and whose proceeds will go to charity.

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Lunedì 15 ottobre 2018, dalle ore 19:30 alle 21:00, presentazione e reading del romanzo L'Altro Stato, di Lev Matvej Loewenthal, Castelvecchi 2018, Università di Zurigo, Aula: KOL E-18. A cura dell'Ufficio Stampa Castelvecchi, con Cristiano Dessì, accompagnamento musicale degli Oktōēchos






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